Vectren-Miller Pipeline Sucks

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Vectren-Miller Pipeline came to Fairborn, Ohio and put in new boxes and ran new piping. They do it hydraulically rather than dig a trench.

A lot of our homes were built in the 1950's and the foundations are cinder block with a water proofer. We also had the interior Dry Locked. You can draw a direct line from where they pushed the pipe to my foundation. My foundation in the basement now has a leak behind the Dry Lock.

I have sent them pictures and tried to talk to them but to no avail.

They won't help. The bigger the company the less they care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miller Pipeline Water Pipe Line Installation.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $350.



Looks like mold on the wall...they must’ve completed the work months before the pic was taken. The method they used was probably directional bore.

The only hydraulic oil is in the machines pumps and hoses on the machine itself. Miller Pipeline replaced our neighborhood lines and did a great job. The machine they use to put the pipe in was the same you speak of.

This is definitely the more expensive way to do the work, but they want to do the best work out there. Imagine how bad it would be if they did dig a trench in your yard and every other yard in the city.


You're lucky you got off that cheaply.

I hate pipeline companies and easements and would, just for fun, pursue the heck out of this.

All correspondence in writing sent via Certified Mail return receipt requested.

One sheet, face side only.

Be polite and direct. Any documentation of repair you could provide would be helpful.

State your desired settlement and that you will allow 10 business days for reply.

No calls. No e-mails. You're entitled to be made whole and, if you're familiar with your neighbors, check around and find out if any of them have recoverable damages.

Mail your letters on the same day.

Wheeee ! A block party !

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